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Stories of Moses and of Christ

Eleazar, Mathan
Jacob, Joseph
St Caius
St Marcellinus
St Marcellus I
St Eutychianus
Resurrection of Christ
Discussion over the body of Moses

This wall has frescos of the two final episodes of the cycles of Moses and Christ: the Resurrection of Christ (Matthew 28:1-8) and the Discussion over the body of Moses (Letter of Jude, 9). The two frescos, originally works respectively by Ghirlandaio and by Signorelli, were destroyed when the architrave of the door collapsed in 1522 and were replaced during the pontificate of Gregory XIII (pontiff from 1572 to 1585) by the works depicting the same subject executed by Hendrik van den Broeck and Matteo da Lecce. As on the north and south walls, as well as the stories of the life of Moses and of Christ, some Popes are portrayed high up and there are false drapes in the lower register.