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Case and lid of the sarcophagus of Djet-Mut, cat. 25008/1

Mummy in its case, cat. 25014 (mummia); 25013/1 (bara)

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Architecture of Room II
Room II, which is reached through a passage with two columns in Egyptian style, has a long inscription painted in hieroglyphics which says literally “His Majesty, the supreme Pontiff, the munificent Gregory, sovereign and father of Christian mankind of all countries, in order to make the city of Rome shine with his bounty, took the largest and most beautiful figures of ancient Egypt and made this place; in the year 1839, in the month of the flood, on the 6th day of God the Saviour of the world, the day of the coronation of the sovereign, in the 9th year (of his reign)". The display is set out in six showcases, around a larger central one.