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4.1 Relief (Roman imitation) with the god Thot, from Rome, formerly in the Kircheriano Museum, 2nd century AD, cat. 22847+22849

4.2 Statue of Hapi, genius of fecundity, from Veio (excavations of 1811-1813), 1st-2nd century AD, cat. 22819

4.3 Fountain statue of Hapi, genius of fecundity, from Rome, 1st century AD, cat. 2280

4.4 Statue of the Nile recumbent, from Rome, 1st-2nd century AD, cat. 22838

4.5 Painted terracotta with landscape “of the Nile”, from Rome, Church of S. Sabina, 1st-2nd century AD, cat. 22865

4.6 Statue of the dog-headed Thot, the so-called "Cacco" of the Church of S. Stefano,159 AD, cat. 22833

4.7 Statue of the god Anubis, 1st-2nd century AD, cat. 22840

4.8 Five statues of the god Horus-Zeus Casios of Pelusio, from Tivoli, CassiusÂ’ Villa, 2nd century AD, cat. 22796, 22797, 22798, 22810, 22811

4.9 Fragment of the trunk and capital of an Egyptian column, from Rome, Iseus of Campus Martius, 1st century AD

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Egypt And Rome

The Room contains some works of statuary and a relief that were produced to imitate the originals from Egypt and others that represent real re-workings of Egyptian subjects, but in the classical language of Roman art, demonstrating the strong influence exercised by the world of the pharaohs over imperial society (1st-2nd century AD)..