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Regolini-Galassi Tomb

The tomb

Gold breastplate, mid 7th cent. BC, cat. 20553

Fibula, mid 7th cent. BC, cat. 20552

Silverware, mid 7th cent. BC, cat. 20438, 20439, 20461, 20464

Funerary bed and chariot, mid 7th cent. BC, cat. 15052

Bucchero inkwell, late 7th cent. BC, cat. 20349

Calabresi tomb, late 7th cent. BC

Giulimondi tomb, early 7th cent. BC

Calabresi urn, late 7th cent. BC, cat. 20825-20826

Virtual Visit of this Room

The room is a large hall frescoed by Federico Barocci and Federico and Taddeo Zuccari in 1563 with scenes from the life of Moses and Aaron.

It contains the most important nucleus of the Gregorian collection, found in an excavation of 1836-37 in the necropolis of Sorbo of Cerveteri, by general Vincenzo Galassi and by the archpriest of Cerveteri, Alessandro Regolini. To this material, that came from no less than nine tombs built inside four adjacent mounds, was added that found by Giovanni Pinza in 1906 in the Giulimondi Tomb, during surveys aimed at studying the topography of the necropolis.