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Mars of Todi, late 5th cent. BC, cat. 13886

Tripod, late 6th cent. BC, cat. 12110

Series of eleven buckles with protomes of lion or Achelous, from Tarquinia, late 6th cent. BC, cat. 12461-12463, 12622-12629

Carrara putto, late 6th cent. BC, cat. 12108

Graziani putto, 2nd cent. BC , cat. 12107

Figurine of Haruspex, IV cent. BC., cat. 12040

Mirror with engraving of Chalcas, late 5th cent. BC, cat. 12240

Complete suit of armour of a warrior (helmet, shield, greaves) from Bomarzo, late 6th-5th cent. BC, cat. 12310, 12328

Anatomic armour from Bomarzo, mid 4th cent. BC, cat. 12319/12331

Helmet with Silenus head, from Atella, 4th cent. BC, cat. 12304

Mirror with Eos and Kephalos, from Vulci, circa 470 BC, cat. 12241

Oval cist decorated with battle between Greeks and Amazons, from Vulci, late 4th cent. BC, cat. 12259/12260

Collection of candelabra, beginning 5th - mid 4th cent. BC.

Funerary furniture of Laris Harenies, from Bolsena, mid 4th cent. BC.

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They are housed in a large hall, frescoed with scenes from the Old Testament (Prophecies of Daniel to Nebuchadrezzar), framed by stucco caryatids, by Santi di Tito and Niccolò Circignani of the Pomarance in 1564.

The room contains statuary and votive bronzes and bronze objects of common or funerary use arranged in typological and chronological order.