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Attic red-figure stamnos , 440-430 BC, cat. 39562

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This room is entirely dedicated to the collection of the marquises Guglielmi of Vulci. It was created in the last century following the excavations carried out in the estates of Sant'Agostino and of Camposcala in the territory of the ancient Etruscan city of Vulci. The collection was on display in Palazzo Guglielmi in Civitavecchia until the beginning of the twentieth century when it was divided into two parts between the brothers Giulio and Giacinto. The part of the marquis Giulio, inherited by his son Benedetto, was donated by the latter to Pope Pius XI in 1937 and, since then, exhibited in the Gregorian Etruscan Museum. The other part, similarly rich and important, remained the property of the Guglielmi family until 1987, when it was purchased by the Vatican Museums to be finally united with the first. The Guglielmi collection consists in all of 800 objects what with bronzes, Etruscan ceramics (blend, bucchero and painted ceramics) and Greek ceramics, the latter imported essentially from Attica, within the dense network of commercial exchanges that had in Vulci one of the largest markets of the Mediterranean. The type of object is heterogeneous and covers a chronological span that goes from the most ancient material of the Villanovan civilization up to the typical ceramic production of the Hellenistic period.