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Decorated bucchero lid, late 6th cent. BC, cat. 15594

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The frieze is part of the decoration of the time of Julius II (1550-55), painted by Daniele of Volterra and his school. This small room holds the main nucleus of the archaeological collection assembled in the second half of the 19th century, by Bonifacio Falcioni of Viterbo and purchased for the Vatican Museums by Leo XIII (1878-1903) in May 1898. The contents of the showcases constitute the typical example of a 19th century private collection, which contained, without any particular logical criteria, a mixture of archeological pieces: the most ancient earthenware vases of the early Villanovan civilization and of the first Iron age, together with bucchero vases, Attic and Etruscan painted ceramics, bronze objects (vases, stutettes, etc.), votive material and above all both ancient and modern jewellery.