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Late-Corinthian krater, circa 560 BC, cat. 35525

Attic black-figure kylix by Sakonides, from Orvieto, 550-500 BC., cat. 34950: heads of women.

"Bilingual" Attic kylix by Oltos, 520 BC circa, cat. 35453: inside, a black-figure centaur; outside, a red-figure javelin thrower..

"Bilingual" Attic kylix by Oltos, 520 BC circa, cat. 34997: inside a black-figure trumpet-blower; outside combat.

Attic red-figure kylix by Duris, circa 490-480 BC, cat. 34999: warrior; outside, combat.

Attic red-figure Stamnos by the Painter of Kleophrades, circa 485-480 BC, cat. 35700: on side A, two warriors and a fallen warrior; on side B, two warriors.

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In the frieze: Atlas, Banquet offered by Saul to Samuel, Banquet of Thyestes and allegorical figures by Orlando Parentini, dating to the pontificate of Pius IV (1559-1565). The room is dedicated entirely to the Astarita Collection, an important collection of Greek ceramics donated to Pope Paul VI in 1967. All the objects displayed are of great interest, and many are worthy of special attention.