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Again this year the Vatican Museums renew their usual seasonal appointments in the form of the Night Openings. Every Friday evening, from 6 May to 28 October – except in August – the monumental door of the Pope's Museums will open at sunset to reveal over a thousand years of treasures in the Vatican Collections.
The cultural and musical accompaniment to enrich the experience of some of the evening openings has also been confirmed. Programme: 6 May - Press release - Book your visit

Pontifical Villas, even closer and open to all!

New stories and experiences at the Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo which, extend their cultural proposals for tourists with the launch of new itineraries, tours and original solutions in terms of mobility. A broad range of alternative possibilities is offered to families and individual visitors. Among these novelties, of particular interest is visitor access - never before permitted - to the Apostolic Palace to view the new museum space, The Gallery of the Pontiffs. Pride of place among these new proposals must however be reserved for the extraordinary activation of the Vatican-Castel Gandolfo-Albano Laziale railway line, offering a unique and evocative journey from the historic Station of the world's smallest State to the discovery of a priceless artistic, botanical and architectural treasure.
The "first" and the "second" Vatican newly and ideally reunited...
Discover the new proposals - Calendar 2016 Apostolic Palace Castel Gandolfo
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Launch of Vatican Gardens open bus tour

Visitors will be able to appreciate the natural and architectural beauty of the Vatican Gardens in a new, unprecedented and sustainable way. Comfortably seated on board an environmentally-friendly open bus offering panoramic views, will the help of an audio-guide, they will be able to discover the silence and the botanical treasures of the "green heart" of the Vatican along an evocative itinerary bringing together art, nature and faith.
For walking enthusiasts, the traditional guided tour of the gardens on foot remains available as always!
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Focus on the Augustus of Prima Porta

On the occasion of two-thousandth anniversary celebrations of the death of the first emperor of Rome, the marble masterpiece Augustus of Prima Porta will return to the Vatican Museums following its great public success in exhibitions in Rome and Paris. Visitors can admire the sculpture temporarily located at the entrance of the Gregorian Profane Museum.
"1000 kg of marble in movement"

Focus on the collections

Virtual online Tour of the Vatican Museums (explore the Sistine Chapel). [More]



The ancient Pontifical Swiss Guard corps is immortalised in its most important formal moments, as well as those of unexpected and surprising daily life, in the evocative photographs by Fabio Mantegna for an itinerant exhibition, The life of a Swiss guard. A private view, which from 2 April will unveil to the public of the Vatican Museums previously unseen details of the real life of the "smallest army in the world".
Access to the exhibition is included in the Museums entry ticket
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Greetings from the Director

Dear Visitors, firstly, a cordial welcome from the Director of the Vatican Museums. Second, you are entering into one of the most important sites for the history of human... [Continues]


New layout for the Collection of the Room of Tributes

All visitors leaving the Sistine Chapel will be welcomed by the renewed beauty of the decorative arts collection on display in the Room of Tributes. Enhanced by a new and important layout design, and preserved in the historic display cabinets designed by the architect Raffaele Stern, the rich collections of silver, ivories, enamels, vestments, chalices, crosses and objects of worship from every age and of every type are displayed in their former splendour, evidence of the varied tendencies favoured by papal patronage throughout the centuries.
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