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Again in 2014 the Vatican Museums present their lunar, nocturnal side to the public. Between May and October there will be more than 20 evening openings on Fridays, dedicated to Art and Music. A rich series of cultural initiatives and concerts is planned as part of this year "Il Bello da Sentire", the varied musical programme which has already reached its second edition.
The complete calendar of events will soon be available on the Vatican Museums website.
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From 1 March, pilgrims and tourists will can cross the threshold of the Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo to visit the exclusive Barberini Garden. Accompanied in a multi-lingual guided tour, visitors will have access to the botanical and architectural wonders of the pontifical residence, known by now as the "second Vatican". [More]
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Thursdays in the Museums

How is a bronze sculpture born? How does fusion take place? What are the various stages in its production? The answers to these questions will be given by eloquent photographic images and presentations on 10 April at 4 p.m., during a conference as part of the Thursday in the Museums series. [More]
Thursdays in the Museums: programme 2013/2014

Opening of "Indonesia"
Exhibition of Indonesian art from the Ethnological Museum

14 February has seen the public opening of “Indonesia”, a temporary exhibition dedicated to a rich selection of Indonesian objects. A year after the presentation of the new display format of the bas-reliefs from the Borobudur temple, the Vatican Ethnological Musem dedicates another important exhibition to Indonesia and her artistic heritage. The entry ticket to the Museum includes a visit to the exhibition.
The Indonesian Collection

The Vatican reveals the Necropolis of the Via Triumphalis
A 'little Pompei' of tombs in Rome at the time of Augustus

The Roman-age archaeological excavations which extend below the whole of the Vatican hill is again visible to the public – extended, refurbished and transformed into a museum replete with walkways and multi-media educational apparatus. In the new year it is possible to walk through the burial chambers, accompanied by an expert multi-lingual guide, among small mausoleums, finely sculpted sarcophagi, statues, mouldings, mosaics, frescoes and bas-reliefs with epigraphs describing the lives of those who repose at the foot of the ancient hill. [More]
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New life for the Vatican Historical Museum

The Vatican Historical Museum, located in the Lateran Apostolic Palace, will shortly be the focus of an important new project involving the transfer and new layout of its entire artistic collection, enabling it to be displayed as part of the itinerary through the Vatican Museums. During this planning phase it will however be possible, by advance booking, to attend guided tours of the historical collection in its original location. [Info]

The DVD "Art and Faith" in homage to the Annus Fidei

The documentary film "ART AND FAITH. Via Pulchritudinis" is a multilingual production by Edizioni Musei Vaticani and is made by the Polish television company TBA for the Governorate of Vatican City State, Direction of the Vatican Museums. [More]


Greetings from the Director

Dear Visitors, firstly, a cordial welcome from the Director of the Vatican Museums. Second, you are entering into one of the most important sites for the history of human... [Continues]


Sunday 27 April, Vatican Museums closed

On Sunday 27 April, on the occasion of the canonisation of Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II the Vatican Museums will exceptionally remain closed to the public, and the usual opening of the last Sunday of the month will therefore not be possible.



A photographic exhibition dedicated to the two Popes will accompany the canonisation of Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II. Housed and organised by the Vatican Museums, together with CTV and the Photographic Service of the Osservatore Romano, the exhibition "The humility and courage that changed history" will illustrate, through 120 photographs and several videos, the salient characteristics of two intense and incisive pontificates.
Opens to the public on 24 April. Access to the exhibition is included in the Museums entry ticket.

VERBUM DOMINI II, God's Word goes out to the Nations, an exhibition organised by the Museum of the Bible, opened to the public on 2 April in the Vatican's Charlemagne Wing. The initiative, which displays a rich and rare collection of biblical documents and artefacts, aims to bring the history of the Sacred Scriptures to the public.
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On the days 18 and 19 September 2014, the Vatican Museums will be protagonists, in their role as promoters, of Aplar 5, a two-day conference dedicated to laser technology and its application in the field of restoration. The conference, now at its fifth edition, will compare the possibilities, problems and results of current technologies in the conservation of cultural assets.
Participation upon registration beginning from 30 April 2014. Contacts


Focus on the collections

Virtual online Tour of the Vatican Museums (explore the Sistine Chapel). [More]


The renovation of the Profane Museum
New display of the collections

The Vatican Museums reveal to the public the new display of the archaeological collection of the Profane Museum. This new layout, which follows the full restoration of the room of the Museum and Valadier's cabinets. [More]

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