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Giovanni Bonsi, Madonna and Child and Sts Honofrius, Nicholas, Bartholomew and John the Evangelist, cat. 40009

Margaritone d'Arezzo, St Francis of Assisi, cat.40002

Vitale da Bologna, Our Lady of the Battuti, cat. 40017

Bernardo Daddi, Martyrdom of St Stephen and finding of his remains, catv. 40147,40148,40149, 40150, 40158, 40159, 40160, 40161

Giovanni del Biondo, Madonna of the Apocalypse with Saints and Angels, cat.40014

Francescuccio Ghissi, Madonna of Humility, cat.40211

Nicolò e Giovanni, Giudizio Finale, cat.40526

Allegretto Nuzi, Madonna and Child with St Michael and StUrsula, cat.40204

School of Giunta Pisano, St Francis and stories from his life, cat.40023

Roman School, mid 12th century, Christ conferring Blessing, cat.40020

Roman School, 12th century, the Prophet Amos, cat.40513

Roman School, 12th century, the Prophet Moses, cat.40508

Umbrian School, 13th century, Processional Cross, cat.40005

Antonio Veneziano, St James Major, cat.40016

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