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Bernardo Daddi, Our Lady of the Magnificat, cat. 40174

Gentile da Fabriano, Stories of St. Nicholas of Bari, catv. 40247, 40248, 40249, 40250

Giotto di Bondone, Stefaneschi Triptych, cat. 40120

Giovanni di Paolo, Lament over the dead Christ, cat. 40124

Giovanni di Paolo, Agony of Jesus in the garden, cat. 40129

Giovanni di Paolo, Annunciation, table of "biccherna", cat. 40131

Pietro Lorenzetti, Christ before Pilate, cat. 40168

Simone Martini, The Redeemer conferring a blessing, cat. 40165

Lorenzo Monaco, Events from the life of St Benedict, cat. 40193

Lorenzo Monaco, St Anthony Abbot meets the hermit Paul, cat. 40214

Niccolò di Tommaso, St Brigid of Sweden and the vision of the Nativity, cat. 40137

Sano di Pietro, Nativity and the announcement of the shepherds, cat. 40144

Sano di Pietro, Flight into Egypt, cat. 40145

Sassetta, Vision of St Thomas Aquinas, cat. 40234

Sassetta, Madonna of Humility, cat. 42139

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