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The Pupil, Crowning of the Virgin and Saints (Polyptych of Montelparo), cat. 40307

The Pupil, Crucifixion between Sts Venantius, Peter, John the Baptist and Porfyrius (Triptych from Camerino), cat. 40299

Bartolomeo da Foligno, Crowning of the Virgin, Natività, Adoration of the Magi (Rospigliosi Triptych), cat. 40296

Carlo Crivelli, Madonna and Child, cat. 40297

Carlo Crivelli, Pietà, cat. 40300

Vittore Crivelli and assistants, Madonna and Child and four Saints, cat. 40298

Antonio Viviani, S. Anthony Abbot between Sts Sebastian, Christoper, Venantius and Rocco (Polyptych), cat. 40303

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