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Paris Bordon, St George killing the dragon, cat. 40354

Garofalo, Apparition of the Virgin to Augustus and to the Sibyl, cat. 40355

Garofalo, Holy Family and St Catherine, cat. 40358

Giulio Romano and Giovan Francesco Penni, Crowning of the Virgin (Madonna of Monteluce), cat. 40359

Moretto da Brescia, Madonna and Child and Sts Jerome and Bartholomew (called Madonna of the Pear), cat. 40349

Titian, Madonna of St Nicholas of the Frari, cat. 40351

Titian, Portrait of the doge Niccolò Marcello, cat. 40445

Veronese, Allegory of the Free Arts, cat. 40346

Veronese, Vision of St Helen, cat. 40352

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