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Caravaggio, Deposition from the cross, cat. 40386

Domenichino, Communion of St Jerome, cat. 40384

Guercino,St Mary Magdalene penitent, cat. 40391

Guercino, Incredulity of St Thomas, cat. 40383

Nicolas Poussin, Martyrdom of St Erasmus, cat. 40394

Guido Reni, Crucifixion of St Peter, cat. 40387

Guido Reni, Madonna with Child and St Thomas and St Jerome (Olivieri altarpiece), cat. 40389

Guido Reni, St Matthew and the angel, cat. 40395

Andrea Sacchi, Vision of St Romauld, cat. 40382

Andrea Sacchi, Mass of St Gregory, cat. 40760

Jean Valentin, Martyrdom of St Processo and St Martiniano, cat. 40381

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