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Angelo Bizamano, St George killing the dragon, cat.40086

Arte Russa (Novgorod ?), end 15th cent.- beginning 16th cent., St Nicholas and events from his life, cat.40026

Russian Art, 17th cent., Sacred Calendar or Menologio, cat.41005

Russian Art, 19th cent., Icon of the Most Blessed Virgin, cat.44382

Russian Art (Novgorod?), circa 1500, Virgin sleeping, cat.40538

Giorgio Klontzas, 16th cent., St Titus bishop, cat.40545

Greek-Venetian Master, beginning 15th cent., Crowning of the Virgin and Saints, cat.40062

Antonio Papadopoulos, Madonna nursing the Child Jesus, cat.40071

School of Cephalonia, late 18th – early 19th century, Iconostasis of Cephalonia, cat.40995

Emmanuele Tzanfournari, St Ephrem the Syrian sleeping, cat.40022

Vittore (di Bartolomeo), Adoration of the Magi, cat.40043

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