Statues of the lioness goddess Sekhmet seated or standing
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Statues of the lioness goddess Sekhmet seated or standing, cat. 22656-22666

The large religious complex of Karnak included not only the Temple of Amon, but also a southern sacred enclosure, in which the Temple of the goddess Mut was located. This was surrounded by a small lake in the form of a half-moon and was dedicated to the activities of the cult. There were also some secondary shrines. In the Temple of Mut, which was erected by Amenophis III, this pharaoh dedicated two series of 35 statues in grey granite to the lioness goddess Sekhmet (equivalent to Mut herself), two of which, that portray her seated on a throne, are exhibited in the Hemicycle (cat. 22657, 22664), while eight standing and sitting are located on the adjacent terrace of the Niche of the Fir Cone (cat. 22656, 22658-22663, 22666). The head of a statue of the same goddess with a head covering and a ureus is exhibited in the Hemicylce (cat. 22665).