Niche of the Fir Cone
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Monuments and sculptures in the "Niche of the Fir Cone"

As well as the eight statues of the goddess Sekhmet, there are also three sarcophaguses in the "Niche of the Fir Cone". The sarcophagus on the left (looking at the "Fir cone", cat. 22653), that belongs to the priest of Amon, Psammetico, was closed by a lid, the mask of which is at the entrance to Room II. The sarcophagus on the right belongs to the priest Nakht-Hor-em-hab, and that in the centre of the Niche to the administrator Iuf-âa. All three sarcophaguses date to the 26th dynasty, around 650 BC. Symmetrically placed at the foot of the two staircases that lead to the terrace of the Niche are two statues of crouching lions of the Pharaoh Nectanebo I.