Sarcophagus with polychrome relief
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Sarcophagus with polychrome relief

Cerveteri, Necropolis of the Banditaccia
Mid 4th cent. BC.
Marble "of Circeo"
total height cm 100; length cm 190/195; width cm 66/70
cat. 14949

It was found in a tomb that originally had the walls decorated with paintings, called the tomb of the Sarcophaguses, due to the presence of three other sarcophaguses made of the same stone. On the lid, decorated on the edges with acroters, like the roof of a building, the deceased lies adorned with jewels; near the head is the representation of a liber linteus left folded, that is a book written on a linen cloth. There is a bas-relief, enlivened by polychrome, on the front of the casket and on one side: it represents a funeral procession with musicians and a priest with a lith (a crooked staff).