Necklace with medallions
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Necklace with medallions

early 4th cent. BC.
Embossed laminated gold
diam. Medallions cm 3 / 3.5
cat. 13412

Necklace composed of seven lenticular medallions with mythological subjects alternated by dimension. The three smallest medallions have the same decoration: Hephaestus seated in profile about to shape Achilles' helmet. Illustrated on two of the largest medallions is a female horse suckling Hippothoo (son of Poseidon and Alope), who is lying in the centre. The two remaining medallions show Achilles killing Troilus by holding him by his hair and piercing him with his sword. It is very likely that the necklace formed part of the parure of a young man. The mythological subjects shown relate well to the high status of the owner, which the warrior theme limits to a restricted male environment