Pair of cluster earrings
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Pair of cluster earrings

Vulci, necropolis of Camposcala
mid 4th cent. BC.
Laminated gold
max height cm 7.6
cat. 13502-13503

They consist of a circular sheet decorated with concentric rows of small globes. From the centre emerges a segment of sphere limited on the sides by two vertical strips; in the lower half, three spheres with granules. Three holes can be seen on the back. According to an hypothesis these permitted the introduction of perfumed substances. The earrings form part of a rich funerary treasure discovered in 1837, regarding a double burial (a man and a woman). As well as these, other objects were found and are now displayed in the same room: a golden crown of oak leaves and another of laurel leaves, three lenticular medallions with mythological scenes, a necklace with engraved gold pendants and a bronze thymiaterion (perfume-burner).