Attic red-figure stamnos
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Attic red-figure stamnos

formerly Guglielmi Collection
440-430 BC.
height cm 44.4
cat. 39562

The presence of imported Greek ceramics, such as this red-figure stamnos made in Attica, is quite recurrent in Etruscan tombs. On its main side is the scene of the departure of two warriors (Theseus, Pirithous?) seen off by a woman and by a white-haired old man; on the other two imploring women turned towards a bearded and bald king. This is the eponymous stamnos of the painter Guglielmi who takes his name precisely from the collection now on display in this room: the conventional name of an Attic painter who was a follower of the style of Polygnotos and of the painter of Kleophon, during the third quarter of the 5th cent. BC.