Attic kylix with black figures
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Attic kylix with black figures

circa 560 BC.
height cm 13.9; diam. cm 19.8; diam. Base cm 9.1
cat. 16596

The kylix, which was a goblet used in wine drinking parties bears the following inscription painted on the exterior "hail and drink". Inside there is a small medallion with an epic illustration painted as a miniature, with the personages identified by inscriptions. Ajax, in the archaic attitude of the "kneeling race", with helmet, jambeaus and armour from which his chiton emerges, is intent on carrying the lifeless body of Achilles, naked and with his long hair falling towards the ground. The figures, with finely engraved details, are enlivened by purple areas (helmet, greaves and chiton of Ajax; hair and trunk of Achilles). The peculiarity of the miniaturist style led to the ceramists who specialized in this type of production being called "small masters". Among these was the painter of the Phrynos, to whom this kylix of the Vatican has been attributed, emerges for his originality and executive skill as one of its most representative personages.