Crowning of the Virgin, Christ deposed and Saints
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Crowning of the Virgin, Christ deposed and Saints

The Pupil
Niccolò di Liberatore, called
(Foligno circa 1430 - 1502)
Crowning of the Virgin, Deposition of Christ and Saints, 1466
tempera on wood
cm. 291 x 280
cat. 40307

This work, known from its place of origin as the polyptych of Montelparo (Ascoli Piceno), was perhaps painted for the convent church of Sant'Agostino and then transferred to the church of S. Michele Arcangelo in Castello of Montelparo following the earthquake of 1703. The painting is signed "Nicholas Fulginas" and dated 1466. It was purchased by Gregory XVI (pontiff from 1831 to 1846) in 1844. The author is Niccolò di Liberatore, The Pupil, an artist who was active in the regions of Umbria and the Marche in the late 15th century. The complex composition, arranged in a very rich Gothic frame, testifies as to the obvious influence of Venetian culture. In the centre of the polyptych are the Crowning of the Virgin and Deposition of Christ flanked by a great number of figures of Saints.