Portrait of Clement IX
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Portrait of Clement IX

Carlo Maratta
(Camerino 1625 - Rome 1713)
Portrait of Clement IX, 1669
oil on canvas
cm. 145 x 116
cat. 40460

Carlo Maratta, born in the Marche region, moved to Rome when he was very young. Here he met with undisputed success from his earliest works, so much so that on the death of Pietro da Cortona (1669) he assumed the role of leader of artistic life in Rome until the beginning of the 18th century. The painter was closely associated with pontifical circles. He produced many works with religious subjects, making his name also however in portrait painting.
Among the most efficacious testimonies of this type is the Portrait of Clement IX Rospigliosi, signed and dated 1669. The pontiff seated on his throne is portrayed in three-quarter profile (with clear reference to the Portrait of Innocent X by Velazquez) and shown with sharp psychological penetration and expressive force.