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Animated Educational Tours are guided tours which offer a thematic reading of various sections of the Vatican Museums.

Along the itinerary creative activities are performed directly in different galleries, in front of the works of art highlighted during the visit.

At the end of the tour students can take their creations with them, while a data sheet summary of their itinerary and activities are distributed to their teachers.




Pio Clementino Museum and Chiaramonti Gallery - Gods and Myths of Ancient Greece: the Beautiful Helen and the Trojan Horse   - New -

Young visitors will embark on a journey through time, in the splendid environment of the Pio Clementino Museum and the Chiaramonti Gallery, to get to know the deities of Olympus and the heroes who inspired the story of the Battle of Troy, one of the best-known narratives of ancient history. During the visit, enriched with ad hoc educational supports, children will enter into the world of Greek mythology, discovering the characteristics and attributes of deities such as Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, Hermes and Apollo, and will relive the exciting events in the life of Paris, son of the king of Troy, and the beautiful Helen, daughter of the king of Sparta.
N.B.: This activity is intended for students between the ages of 5 and 13.


Gregorian Etruscan Museum - Gold, ceramics and bronze: the treasures of the Etruscans

The animated visit through the rooms of the Gregorian Etruscan Museum accompanies students in the discovery of objects and images that recount the characteristics of the Etruscan civilisation. The didactic activities explore the techniques used for working gold and ceramics and enable students to gain an understanding of the religion and daily life of the Etruscans.


Gregorian Profane Museum - On the banks of the Tiber: a day as a "Roman"

How did Romans live? What were their customs and traditions? A journey back through time to discover through sculptures, mosaics and sarcophagi aspects of their homes, clothing, eating habits and working and leisure activities.
Students will transform themselves into ancient "Romans" for a day!


Chiaramonti Gallery and the Braccio Nuovo - Short Grand Tour through divinities, mosaics and rivers

The Chiaramonti Museum and the Braccio Nuovo: less well known sections of the Vatican Museums, exploration through a short journey of discovery of the Ancient World, meeting Athena, Diana, Hercules, Cupid, the personification of the Nile and the Prima Porta Augustus. Between mythology and history students discover ancient polychrome sculptures, an aspect little known as white is the colour which we have inherited from Antiquity.


Vatican Pinacoteca (Picture Gallery) - For the mastery of space: perspective

How does a painter reproduce the third dimension on a flat surface? This is one of the most difficult questions and challenges that painters face. From the Greeks to the present, western painting has been confronted with this query, solving it in different ways depending on the different historical periods.


Vatican Gardens - An educational tour in which art, nature and religion are combined   

A tour of the "Pope's Gardens" along a route that, starting out from the wood and its papal coats of arms, leads to the origins, uses and Christian symbolism of the plants of the Biblical Garden, and ends up at the Casina of Pius IV, though not without having traversed the Gardens in the French and Italian styles. Each stage has its specific educational theme, animated by fun experiences such as the recognition of aromas, the compilation of the young botanist's notebook and the final questionnaire-quiz. No fear in the event of rain! An alternative tour of the Vatican Picture Gallery will be laid on instead!
N.B. The visit cannot be booked on Wednesdays.


Useful information...

  • The Animated Educational Tours are aimed at Primary and Middle Schools.
  • A maximum of 30 students may take part in a single activity at any one time.
  • The duration of the Animated Educational Tours is approximately 2 hours.
  • Visits are available from Monday through Friday, in three time scales: 9.00-11.00, 10.00-12.00, 11.00-13.00.
  • The Animated Educational Tours is available only in Italian.
  • Online booking is mandatory.
  • For disabled students it is advisable to contact the Public Relations and Services Office (tel. + 39 06 69883145; + 39 06 69884676) so as to organise a tour compatible for those in wheelchairs.


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