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A press conference will take place on Tuesday 25 September, at 11.30 in the Conference Room of the Vatican Museums in order to present the audio CD "1861 - 2011 OMAGGIO ALL'UNITÀ D'ITALIA" (1841 - 2011 HOMAGE TO ITALIAN UNIFICATION) by the Musical Band of the Vatican Gendarme Corps.

At the presentation, speeches will be given by His Eminence Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, President Emeritus of the Governorate of Vatican City State, Dr Domenico Giani, Director of Security Services and Civil Protection of Vatican City State, Professor Antonio Paolucci, Director of the Vatican Museums and Dr Dario Giovannini, Managing Director of Carosello Records.
The album, fruit of a collaboration between Edizioni Musei Vaticani and Carosello Records, the most important and historical independent Italian discographer, is the first edition of a new series of compact discs of music performed mostly in the Church of Maria Mother of the Family in the Vatican.

The protagonists - after the music - of the presented work, some of the 100 members of the Musical Band of the Vatican Gendarme Corps who, under the direction of Maestro Giuseppe Cimini and conducted by Col. Giuseppe D'Amico, pay homage to the Unification of Italy with 12 pieces of music from Italy's most renowned and historical musical tradition, in a sincere spirit of friendship and harmony.

The CD lists the music that is most moving to the heart of every Italian, the melodies that we have all learnt in childhood and will never forget: the "Leggenda del Piave", "O Signore che dal tetto natio", the National Anthem, and others that arise from the deepest memories and truest passions of our people.

Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo introduces the initiative with these heartfelt words; he has always believed strongly in this musical project and lent his warmest support and dedication to the creation in 2007 of a Musical Band for the Gendarme Corps of the Vatican.

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