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The Vatican Museums hold a treasure to be discovered in active and creative ways thanks to the extraordinary richness and variety of the art collections, which embrace the history of human civilization, from the Ancient Egyptians and Etruscans to the Greeks and Romans, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance up to contemporary times. Schools can choose a didactic activity which is compatible with the school syllabus.

Two additional tours have been added to existing educational propositions, which run alongside the didactic laboratory activities and the usual Educational Tours: the Educational Tours and Didactic Laboratory and Animated Educational Tours.
This new approach enables students to combine the chosen thematic tour of the Museums with a creative re-elaboration in the laboratory of what they have seen.

Deaf and Blind/Visually Impaired Visitors can take part in guided tours organised ad hoc by the Vatican Museums, based on multisensory itineraries and tours in Italian Sign Language (LIS).

A novel collaboration between the Vatican Museums and the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome has resulted in the offer of a new didactic initiative: Drawing in the Museums. This activity offers students following the course in Artistic Anatomy the permission for still-life drawing of the masterpieces in the Vatican Museums selected for their study work.

The fruitful synergy between the Didactic Activities Office and the A.N.I.S.A (Italian Association of Art History Teachers) led to the creation of Training Seminars for Teachers.


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