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The GROUP TOUR™ is multi-channel radio broadcast system which has been designed as a perfect solution for groups led by a guide*. It is composed by a transmitter with a small microphone at the disposal of the Guide and by a receiver with headphones for each listener. The Guide can communicate with every member of the group, speaking quietly and without effort, thus keeping the group compact and respecting other visitors of the Museums, that can enjoy their own visit in silence.

* The service may be used only by authorised professional guides in accordance with current Vatican City State legislation, or holders of a valid tour guide licence issued by the Province of Rome.

The GROUP TOUR™ allows big numbers of groups to tour the Museums simultaneously within short range from one another.


From 2 January 2013 the use of radio transmission systems with headsets for all guided tours in groups of 11 or more people in the Vatican Museums will be obligatory. The service is provided directly by the Vatican Museums by concession. The use of other radio transmission systems with headsets is not permitted.

  • Rental cost: 1,50 € per visitor (the service is free of charge for the Guide).
  • Reservation: the booking has to be realised in advance by telephone +39.06.69881898, fax +39.06.69881351 or e-mail specifying the date and the time of the visit and the number of the members of the group.
  • Payment: from 2 January 2013 groups which have not booked their visit online are requested to ask for their radio transmission systems with headsets at the entry to the Vatican Museums, at the designated distribution points, where tickets for visits and access to the Museums are also available.

If you buy online a guided tour, headsets for groups are included.

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