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This sedan chair comes from a Napolitan workshop and was a donation from the city of Naples to Leo XIII on the occasion of the jubilee of his ordination. It has an irregular shape richly decorated with appliqué in wood, metal, ivory and bone. The structure is in richly engraved wood. From the roof hangs a fake cloth - modeled in wood with a motif of gilt flowers - that falls down the back and gathers in at the sides, forming a type of column that originally held up the papal tiara but now holds up the crossed papal keys. The underlying part is covered in polished bone and has a carnation in copper and in mother-of-pearl applied on both sides. On the sides, under the windows, are a series of statues of the apostles in bronze niches. On the front, under the small window, is placed a copy of a painting; the original is now conserved in the chapel of the Historical Museum of St. John in Lateran. The painting was done by the painter Dominco Morelli on the subject of St. Peter Consecrating St. Aspreno the Bishop of Naples.