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The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums is a group of people dedicated to preserving the vast and unique collection of art housed in the Vatican Museums. Being a patron is an invitation to carte for one of the world's greatest artistic and cultural collections.

Patrons make a tax deductable donation of a minimum of $500 per person per year for a regular membership, $1,000 a year for a family membership (including dependent children under 18), or $250 per person per year for a junior membership (35 and under), which is used to fund conservation projects, purchase equipment for the museums' restoration laboratories, accomplish capital improvements or assist in the acquisition of art works. Patrons are grouped into chapters throughout North America and Europe. They meet regularly, sponsor dinners and social events and travel to the Vatican to see first-hand the results of their efforts. They also receive a patron's newsletter and notification of other special events designed specifically for patrons and their friends.

During their visit to the Vatican, patrons are received in the office of the Patrons of the Arts located in the Apostolic Palace. Patrons and their immediate families receive free admission to the Vatican Museums along with a private guide. They are also entitled to visit sections of the museums not open to the public and invitations to special events such as the unveiling of important restorations.

Joining is simple, just send us your contact information:

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For more information contact the chapter nearest you.