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The restoration of the Chapel of Nicholas V has magnificently recovered the exceptional beauty of the frescoes and gives us the opportunity to understand and appreciate the great genius of one of Christianity's finest painters, Fra Angelico. It is thanks to the generosity and vision of Mrs. Florence D'Urso, the Homeland Foundation and the New York Patrons that this important restoration has been made possible.

The chapel has been restored by world-renowned restorer, Carlo Giantomassi, his wife, Donatella Zari, and their assistants. The restoration involved the cleaning of all the frescoes. A major challenge was the restoration of the original blue color, which had been lost due to previous restorations. Subtle movements of the walls throughout the centuries had also created cracks that were refilled in the past. These had to be controlled to insure that they were not causing damage to the frescoes. Fire damage and vandalism are evident in some areas and remain as a testimony to the sack of Rome in 1527 by the mercenaries of Charles V.

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