Room 32. The illusion of bronze

This room houses two works that are distinct chronologically and in terms of their genesis and the intentions of the artists who created them: the 1968-1969 Croce by the Japanese Kengiro Azuma and Mimmo Paladino’s 2011 Sorgente. Both made of bronze, they demonstrate the extreme flexibility of the material, at the service of art since antiquity in the creation of great masterpieces. In his monumental cross, the technical expertise of Azuma is evident in the transformation of the skin of the bronze into a wooden surface, showing the grooves, knots and imperfections in the large beams nailed together to crucify Christ; while Paladino uses it to mimic the vitality of a thin branch that flows like an arboreal spring from a gilded surface, on which the face of a man is engraved.