Simone Martini, The Redeemer conferring a blessing


Simone Martini, The Redeemerconferring a blessing
Simone Martini, The Redeemerconferring a blessing
Room II. 13th-15th cent.

This small panel may once have been the upper part of a lost polyptych.
Christ is shown half-length, in a front view, with his right hand raised in a gesture of blessing and his left resting on a book, according to a model that was still Byzantine. In this case, however, it is translated into a fully Siennese language, as regards both elegance of design and refinement of colour. The work, which is of high quality, is attributed to Simone Martini, a Siennese painter, and the date proposed by critics is between 1315 and 1320, as the work is stylistically close to the Majesty in the Palazzo Pubblico of Sienna.