The Sacred Images

15 April - 11 June 2011
Raphael Hall, Pinacoteca, Vatican Museums

From 15 April 2011, in the Pinacoteca's Raphael Hall, visitors can admire the exhibition Fabergé. The Sacred Images. Over 140 works of art are on show, from the famous Easter Eggs belonging to the Czars to precious icons from the Imperial period, bought and collected by the Russian philanthropist, Viktor Vekselberg, through his historical-cultural foundation The Link of Times.

The exhibition opens in time for Easter, the occasion for which the famous Fabergé Eggs were created in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, on commission by the Czars Alexander III and Nicolas II. These miniature works of art, made of precious metals encrusted with gems, are a marvel of craftsmanship.

Created by the jeweller, Carl Fabergé, in St. Petersburg, most of these works of art have been lost, destroyed or taken out of Russia.

From 15 April to 11 June 2011, visitors to the Vatican Museums have the privilege of admiring these rare original works of art, as well as a collection of icons created for the Imperial Court in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, by the most important Russian jewellers.

Thanks to the generosity and dedication of the Russian entrepreneur, Viktor Vekselberg, in buying and in repatriating cultural and historical objects taken out from Russia, the Vatican Museums are able today to host the finally reunited collection. The works of art leave their native land to be displayed on this exceptional occasion for the admiration of visitors to the Museums of the Pope.