La Cappella Sistina

La Cappella Sistina

Antonio Paolucci
Edizioni Musei Vaticani – Scripta Maneant
April 2017

The Sistine Chapel (T.N.)

Valuable photographic monograph in three volumes, in a bilingual Italian-English edition, presented in an elegant box, dedicated to the Sistine Chapel and produced in co-edition with Scripta Maneant.

The colour images that constitute the work are the fruit of an important photographic campaign carried out at the beginning of 2016. New technologies have enabled exclusive images to be realised: indeed, all the details of the Sistine Chapel are reproduced on 1:1 scale, offering a unique close-up view of the frescoes, with unprecedented clarity and colour fidelity.

The first volume is devoted to the fifteenth-century frescoes with stories from the Old Testament, whereas the second and third illustrate the works of Michelangelo, respectively the ceiling with episodes from Genesis, and the Last Judgement. These masterpieces are introduced and explained with Antonio Paolucci’s customary elegance and unique style, and celebrated with exceptional views and details, many offered in elegant poster inserts.