Training in the Vatican Museums

Training in the Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums offer an education and training programme for young specialists in restoration techniques and students or recent graduates in artistic and archaeological studies and humanistic disciplines pertinent to the museum environment.

Each intern is assigned to a specific project and integrated within a working group, and is involved in the museum’s daily activities through tasks supporting its various offices: visitor reception, teaching, communication, restoration laboratories, departments and many others.
The training programme will also include educational activities such as seminars, conferences and guided tours specifically organised to enable trainees to acquire a greater knowledge of the museum context, with its multiple activities, and to facilitate their practice, comparing and deepening their respective academic and professional skills.
At the end of the period there will be a concluding day in which each trainee will be asked to give a brief public account of his or her work.

The training posts last for six months, starting in the months of January and July.

Prerequisites for candidates
Applications will be considered by the Training Commission, and will be accepted on the basis of compatibility of the profile presented with existing activities or projects, subject to availability of places and evaluation of the documentation presented, which must include:

  • curriculum vitae et studiorum;
  • diplomas or certificates;
  • at least two official letters providing professional references, issued by academic institutions or previous employers.

Foreign candidates will be expected to have a basic knowledge of Italian.

Application deadlines
Applications must be received at least two months before the beginning of the subsequent semester (before the end of October for the semester starting in January, and before the end of April for the semester commencing in July).

Training posts are unremunerated, do not confer any qualification, and do not entitle the trainee to any form of preference for employment at the Directorate of the Vatican Museums.

To apply or for further information, please contact: