Vatican Museums out of hours
Vatican Museums out of hours

Vatican Museums out of hours

The exclusive opportunity to admire certain museum sectors or the Sistine Chapel itself "behind closed doors" 

“Out of hours” guided tour Good Morning Vatican Museums – Private

The special proposal of exclusive entry at 6 a.m. to perform with the “clavigero” or key keeper of the Museums the solemn rite of opening the doors, arriving in the Sistine Chapel while the Museums are still closed. A hearty breakfast will conclude the visit, which will be led by an educational tour guide authorised by Vatican City State.

“Out of hours” guided tour – Semi-private

The privilege of being able to admire not only the museum sectors open to the public but also those not usually accessible, and to experience an exclusive visit to the Sistine Chapel.
A special proposal intended for pre-formed groups of a maximum of 15 participants.

“Out of hours” guided tour – Private

Behind closed doors, after the usual opening hours, the Vatican Museums live a second life, revealing their unique qualities to those who choose a tour experience far from the daytime rhythms and crowds.
The absence of the public and the evocative evening atmosphere make this exclusive tour through 2000 years of history of the Church and Art a truly special experience.
It is compulsory to enter with a guide; the Vatican Museums can provide, upon request, a guide service with specialised staff authorised by Vatican City State.

"Out of hours" guided tour of the Necropolis of the Via Triumphalis and the Carriage Pavilion

An opportunity to discover, in an "out of hours" tour while the Museums are closed, two of the sectors least familiar to the public at large: the Necropolis of the Via Triumphalis and the Carriage Pavilion.
A proposal intended exclusively for the individual visitor interested in either an individual tour or a collective tour in pre-formed groups of a maximum of 25 participants.
The tour is conducted by an educational guide authorised by Vatican City State.

Guided tour Museums with “Out of hours” Sistine Chapel – Semi-private

In order to respond to and increasingly meet the requests of its large public, the Pope’s Museums present to individual visitors the new proposal of a collective tour with a guide (in groups with a maximum of 25 participants) which, while offering the usual tour of the Museums during the opening hours to the public, also guarantees the privilege of being able to enjoy the Sistine Chapel exclusively until 6.15 p.m., when all the other visitors of the day will already have left, or will be about to leave the sacred place.
Alternatively, visitors can conclude the tour with the option including a buffet aperitif to be enjoyed in the magnificent architectural setting of the Cortile della Pigna.