The Mosaic Restoration Laboratory encourages experimental and innovative activities in restoration systems, with particular attention to methods of superficial consolidation, aiming at long-lasting conservation of the work.
During the years, considerable attention has been paid to the problem of maintaining the mosaic floors that follow the itinerary through the Vatican Museums, whose wear, minimal but constant in time, is due to the incessant flow of visitors.
With regard to the archaeological areas, new methods and techniques have been tested. As is often the case with mosaics preserved underground until the moment of excavation, deterioration occurs very quickly and therefore necessitates equally rapid restoration works in the laboratory where, in some cases, the mosaic is positioned on a moveable support to enable it to be delicately recomposed from the reverse side.
Educational courses are being planned for young people holding diplomas from Italian or foreign restoration schools. Internships lasting for a maximum of six months are available to a variable number of participants on the basis of projects and availability.