The Library of the Vatican Museums, instituted in 1938, contains journals and modern printed texts documenting the works of the Vatican Museums collections.
There are many core themes: from Prehistory to classical Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Assyrian-Babylonian and Etruscan Antiquities, texts on medieval, modern and contemporary art, and more specific documentation on the restoration and conservation of artworks.
Worthy of special mention are the volumes of the ethnological section, received along with the works sent for the Vatican Missionary Exposition of 1925, often as their thematic accompaniment. The bequests which have enriched the library over the years include those of the Marquises Guglielmi of Vulci, Cardinal Jorge María Mejía, Professors Bruno Mantura and Gianroberto Scarcia, and gifts from the Verbite Fathers Michael Schulien and Wilhelm Schmidt.
The patrimony consists of around 50,000 titles, including periodicals and monographs.
The library, internal and in service, is closed to the public and reserved to the staff of the Vatican Museums.

Cristina Pantanella, Director
Mauro Comparetto