Online Catalogue
Online Catalogue

Online Catalogue

The Online Catalogue of the Vatican Museums presents essential information regarding the mobile works of art on display along the tour itinerary.
The buildings, spaces as well as their decorations, may instead be accessed and visited by means of the numerous virtual tours of the web section dedicated to them.

The Online Catalogue – still in the implementation phase and available at present only in Italian – is periodically updated, revised and expanded.
Currently it is possible to consult the data relating to the collections on display in the following museum sectors:

  • Gregorian Egyptian Museum
  • Gregorian Etruscan Museum (part)
  • Pio Clementino Museum
  • Lapidary Gallery
  • New Wing
  • Gregoriano Profano Museum (part)
  • Pius-Christian Museum
  • Pinacoteca
  • Ethnological Museum (part)
  • Carriage Pavilion (part)
  • Christian Museum
  • Collection of Contemporary Art
  • Tapestries Collection
  • Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo
  • Antiquarium of Villa Barberini in Castel Gandolfo

For each work on display, it is possible to find the essential information, accompanied by one or more photographic images.
The routine activities of the Museums include the movement of the works on display for temporary exhibitions, restoration, new layouts, studies and research projects.

The Online Catalogue is updated and implemented by the different scientific Departments on the basis of the information recorded in the Collections Registry of the Vatican Museums.
The system of cataloguing, based on the open source “Collective Access” project, was implemented by the Technological Support Office of the Vatican Museums in collaboration with the Directorate of Telecommunications - Internet Service Provider.