Materiali dal Vicino Oriente Antico
Materiali dal Vicino Oriente Antico

Materiali dal Vicino Oriente Antico

Alessia Amenta, Candida Felli, Mario Cappozzo et al.
Edizioni Musei Vaticani
June 2022

Materials from Ancient Near East (T.N.)

Second book in the series dedicated to the Collections of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, focusing on the antiquities of the Ancient Near East, the result of the work of systematically cataloguing all the near-eastern collection held in Room VIII of the Gregorian Egyptian Museum and for the most part in the Vatican Museum storage deposits.

Each category of materials (ceramics, glass, stone, metals, jewelry, carvings, epigraphic materials, miscellaneous) is presented in a special catalogue, sub-divided into an introductory text and a section of notes with photographs and drawings, in which the pieces are ordered according to individual specific characteristics.
The volume concludes with the complete catalogues, which summarize all the objects present in the collection of certain, or in any case ascertained, near-eastern provenance permitting a global overview.
The list of concordances at the end of the volume allows, for each artefact, the cross-referencing of the different inventory numbers, which inscribe and describe the history of the collection.