Accreditation for tour guides at the Museums – Year 2022
Accreditation for tour guides at the Museums – Year 2022

Accreditation for tour guides at the Museums – Year 2022

August 2021

The Directorate of the Museums, in accordance with the regulation of the practice of the professional activity of tour guide within the Vatican Museums, invites all interested workers in the sector holding the necessary permits to practice the profession of tour guide on Italian territory under the current provisions of the law, to download and submit the Request, scrupulously following the instructions contained therein.

Considering the critical economic situation caused by the international health emergency, and as a sign of concrete closeness to the many sector operators hard hit by the crisis, the Vatican City State Governorate has confirmed also for the year 2022 the reduction - already arranged last year - of the tariff to be paid for the issue or renewal of accreditation to exercise the activity of tour guide in the Vatican Museums.

The application may be submitted from 6 September 2021, with the mandatory deadline of 30 November 2021. An application not presented within the aforementioned period will result in non-acceptance of the request for accreditation.

Those applying for the first time are required to complete the form “Mod. A”.
Those already in possession of accreditation and who wish to renew their application for the year 2022 are instead required to complete the form “Mod. B”.
The improper use of the forms constitutes an impediment to the accreditation of the guide.

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