First aid
First aid: on hand in an emergency!

First aid: on hand in an emergency!

The prompt and timely management of health-related emergencies that do not require immediate instrumental examinations, specialist visits or hospitalisation is part of the responsibilities, not merely institutional, of the Vatican Museums.

For a serene and confident tour experience, 18 defibrillators, installed along the entire museum itinerary, ensure that emergency cardio-protective treatment can be administered by all the members of the Guard Staff.

In more serious cases, there is service for transfer by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

From April 2017, thanks to a convention signed with the Directorate of Health and Hygiene of the Governorate of Vatican City State, the volunteers of the National Confederation of the Misericordie will collaborate with Vatican healthcare personnel in providing aid and assistance to visitors affected by illness or injury. The medical-nursing unit is permanent and guarantees service every day during museum opening hours.

Medical scripts or certificates cannot be issued in the Museums.