Reduced ticket University Institutes
Reduced ticket University Institutes

Reduced ticket University Institutes

€  8.00 (without online booking)

€ 13.00 (with “Skip the Line” booking on the official Vatican Museums website)

The reduction is reserved to groups of university students (of any geographical origin) up to and including 25 years of age, upon presentation, on the day of the visit, of a letter of request from the Institute concerned indicating the number of students in the group, the teachers and other participants in the tour. The request, to be presented on headed paper, must bear the official stamp of the Institute and the original signature of the head of the faculty or the rector of the university.

The reduced ticket purchased cannot be refunded.

For each group of 10 students, a reduced entry ticket is offered to the teacher or tour leader. Other accompanying visitors are required to purchase a ticket at full price.

Free entry: not applicable.

Upon booking it is necessary to indicate the precise number of members in the group (students, teachers and any other accompanying visitors). Tickets may be purchased subject to availability and the total amount must be paid in advance.

Visitors that purchase a ticket at a reduced rate, without entitlement, must purchase a new ticket at the full rate. The reduced price ticket will be cancelled.