Oceania and Island Southeast Asia
Oceania and Island Southeast Asia

Oceania and Island Southeast Asia

The Vatican Museums Collections

Katherine Aigner and Nicola Mapelli
Edizioni Musei Vaticani
July 2022

The series of books dedicated to the study of the ethnological collections of the Vatican Museums is now enriched by this fourth volume, focusing on the area of Oceania and Island Southeast Asia.
This book, available in Italian and English, is the result of ten years of research and collaboration between the Vatican Museums and the local communities of the Pacific area, carried on according to the philosophy of reconnection of the objects with the places they come from.

The text, showing a remarkable photographic apparatus of more than 300 images, begins with a section analysing the history of the collections and their development over the centuries. Following, the catalogue of every object, divided in six different geographic areas: Micronesia, Polynesia, Melanesia, New Guinea, Island Southeast Asia, and Australia.
What emerges is a wide and interesting variety of artifacts, created by the cultures living in these areas. These are the very same artifacts, which the Pope’s Museums host and preserve, in order to pass them down, intact, for the future generations.