Achim, Eliud

Lunette Achim, Eliud

The identity of the figures is entirely uncertain and it remains difficult to establish which of them - Achim or Eliud - is represented by the elderly man on the left, and which is the child held by his mother on the right. The elderly man is presented in a very studied and structured pose, with the limbs vigorously twisted. The sculptural effect of the figure is due to the emphasis of the knees - and the node formed by the arms, with the right elbow strongly projecting. It is accentuated in its entirety by the grandiose cadences of the drapery. The orange cape falls heavily, also following the cubic form of the seat. The man's attitude is meditative, abandoned in appearance, but full of energy.
On the right, a mother is depicted with her son. The woman naturally and spontaneously faces the child, turning her back to the spectator, while she reaches her arm and hand to take food from a plate resting on a stool in the foreground. From the juxtaposition of the two figures there seems to emerge the motif of te contraposition between active Life and contemplative Life, subsequently developed repeatedly in the artist's work.