Rehoboam, Abijah

Lunette Rehoboam, Abijah

Both halves of the lunette are populated with figures in varied and natural poses.
On the left a woman is depicted, leaning in profile, seemingly looking towards the centre of the Chapel. Of all the figures in the lunettes, she is the only one to have a seat with a back; just as, on the opposite side, the detail of the small step on which the dozing boy rests his foot is also not found elsewhere. The left hand of the woman indicates the unborn child in her womb. The youth on the right instead turns in on himself in complete abandonment, facing the back wall and with his arm hanging towards the outside.
The colours of his robes are less vivid compared to the rich combinations on the woman's, but they match the overall colour scheme. Behind him there is a roughly sketched child who seems to want to lift the man up, taking him by the shoulder.