Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz

Lunette Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz

The main characters are composed according to a refined symmetry, with the face turned outwards and the torso depicted frontally. The man on the left, traditionally identified with Jotham, accompanied by his son Ahaz, wears a broad green cloak. Below he wears a yellow tunic with lilac shadows recalling the colour of the cap he wears on his head. His attitude is relaxed, while his eyes focus on a point indicated to him by the child behind him. On the right side of the lunette a woman is depicted, flanked by two children, in the act of clasping her orange-red cloak to her chest. Her veiled head and serious attitude recall classical models. Of the two children, the one in the foreground is characterised by a distinct pictorial emphasis. The other, outlined more briefly, seems to be in the shadows and its drawn with the brush rather than painted. The figures were rendered with extreme speed and without reworkings, with the exception of what can be seen behind the nape of the woman's neck, later transformed into shade.
The application was very rapid, with liquid and transparent brushstrokes.